We are all feeling very grateful, judging by the ubiquity of this common hashtag. But what does it really mean[...]

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The power of creativity

My school was buzzing with creativity last month.  As a relative newcomer I was impressed by the depth of[...]

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Read, write, speak, heal

Six years ago I was in a very dark place as Christmas approached, and in early 2013 all the light in my world [...]

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Through the sunset: disconnect and reconnect

I went to Melbourne recently for an event to promote my books, raise awareness about anxiety and depression an[...]

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Rest, reflect, replenish, reset

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as Christmas approaches. Just when we need to rest, reflect, replenish and[...]

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Sue’s book literally changed my life

This comment popped up on my timeline last week: ‘Sue’s book (Changing Lightbulbs) literally changed [...]

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