A few years ago I was carrying around at least five over sized suitcases of baggage. They came with me everywhere, although plane travel was clearly out of the question. No airport trolley could accommodate my five suitcases, and my excess baggage costs would have far exceeded even the most expensive of fares. One day I became so overwhelmed by how cumbersome and heavy it all was that I simply collapsed under the strain the weight was putting on my mind and body. It became so difficult to haul it all around with me that I just gave up trying and refused to move for a while. Well actually for quite a long time.

I eventually realised that in order to move from my solitary spot, I was going to have to start shedding some of the baggage that was encircling me. Gradually I chipped away at it and after many months I found myself with just one, albeit still quite large suitcase. I stood up, and began to move, slowly at first, and then more purposefully, and my suitcase glided along behind me quite comfortably on its four wheels. One day when I was engrossed in a project I had started working on I looked behind me and was astonished to find that my over sized luggage had shrunk to a neat carry-on sized case. I’d felt the lightening of the load but was still startled at how much my load had lessened. I was overjoyed.

These days I tend to carry around a nice light weight day pack, a practical over the shoulder messenger bag, occasionally an attractive sparkly clutch, and now and again I can fit all my baggage into one very small bum bag. It’s so great to travel light. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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