We were lucky enough to have Sue Tredget as the guest speaker at our workplace information session about mental health. Having the opportunity to hear Sue’s story was an absolute privilege. She was warm, knowledgeable, informative, captivating and hilarious.

Olivia Saunders, Human Resources Officer

Sue was able to shed light on a serious topic in an entertaining way, without causing any distress amongst audience members. With her honesty and openness Sue was able to remove some of the stigma surrounding mental health. We received such positive feedback and would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a speaker in the future.’    

A huge thank you to Olivia Saunders for inviting me to speak at the Cancer Council’s Lunch and Learn event last week, and for the wonderful feedback.

When I was depressed six years ago I completely lost my sense of humour and forgot how to laugh or smile. Everything just seemed endlessly bleak. So to be described as ‘hilarious’ means more than I can say. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Employers and educators need to lead the way in breaking down mental health stigma. Only through education can we raise awareness throughout the whole community so that we are all better equipped to support our friends, colleagues and family members who may be struggling.

If employers are fully informed they are more likely to foster healthy work environments in which employees feel safe, supported and understood if they are going through a tough time. Enlightened employers know that providing work place support goes way beyond just handing out the number of an employee assistance programme.

So if you are an employer looking for an engaging speaker who is ‘warm, knowledgeable, informative, captivating and hilarious’ on the topic of well-being and mental health, look no further. Email info@suetredget.com to book me for your next event. I will tailor my presentation to suit your needs and I promise I will do my best to make you laugh!


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