Wednesday afternoon

A quiet classroom corridor on a windy afternoon. The students long gone, their school bags packed, off home in[...]

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A tale of three leaders

Three leaders were appointed this week. Firstly, the announcement of a new headmaster, after a five month sear[...]

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Vive la France

It is hard to believe that this weekend marked the 1st anniversary of the unimaginable horror that took place [...]

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Long Distance Friendship

My friend Julia and I talked on Skype last night. We don’t do it often enough. She lives in London, I am in [...]

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Being creative

I was brought up not to ‘blow my own trumpet’, to such an extent that at the ripe old age of 54 I still st[...]

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Travelling light

A few years ago I was carrying around at least five over sized suitcases of baggage. They came with me everywh[...]

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