Sue has had a long and successful career as a language teacher. She started out teaching French and Spanish in the UK, and on moving to Perth in 1999 taught both languages privately before returning to teaching in schools when her youngest son was a toddler.  She is a confirmed Francophile, returning to France as often as distance and other commitments allow, and also speaks and understands some Italian and German.

After taking a year off from teaching 2014, Sue returned to the classroom on a more flexible basis and now works as a relief and replacement teacher, as well as undertaking a variety of roles for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority in Western Australia.

Sue is available for tutoring in French and Spanish, and can tailor lessons to suit your needs – whether it be for school students, business people, travel purposes, or just because language learning is fun, broadens our horizons and is good for our brains! Please use the contact page to get in touch and arrange your tutoring.

I was fortunate enough to be a student of Sue’s through senior school. As a teacher, she takes a positive, gentle and holistic approach to her students, and has the rare ability to inspire a genuine love of her subject. After Sue’s tuition, I remained enthusiastic about the process of learning languages and spent time living in both French and Spanish speaking countries. I have found great joy in putting together the ‘puzzle’ of a language, and discovering the patterns therein. Learning language has opened doors for me and helped me understand how other cultures see the world. More than anything I thank Sue for this insight, which has enriched my life.                                                                                              
Tess Marslen, Teach for Australia

See below the start of Sue’s article, this (teaching) life, published in The Weekend Australian in 2015, and click on the link to read the whole article.

this (teaching) life


Sue Tredget

“Teaching isn’t what it used to be”, was my father’s response when I told him I was considering teacher training as a postgraduate option in the 1980s. As a history teacher with a formidable presence and little time for the latest educational trends,  he set exacting standards of behaviour, diligence and achievement. My mother, less imposing perhaps, but just as firm, was a primary school teacher, her rigorous drilling of reading, writing and arithmetic ensuring that her charges had a solid grounding in the basics. Both my maternal grandmother and great grandmother were school teachers, the latter a principal and something of a pioneer at a time when married women rarely worked. Teaching was in my blood.

Heeding my father’s words, I delayed my career to head to London for a few years, then ended up teaching English in Madrid for a while. I could speak several languages but had no formal teacher training, yet the work seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me. Back in the UK, I completed my training, and have been teaching ever since…..

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